Granovskaia, overseeing the buy-sell market

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Chelsea Football Club has released a statement saying that Marina Granovskaia, the woman’s chief executive overseeing the buy-sell market. Will only join the market in the summer of 2022 as the last period and then step down. Considered to remove the root of high-level personnel from the former ufabet team owner Roman Bramovich completely.

More reports from ‘ Sky Sports ‘ that after leading American billionaire Todd Bohly, along with his partner Clearlake Capital takeover the £ 4.25bn ‘ Blues’ venture was pursued. The offensive seized management power in the hands of 48 hours ago, just squeezed Bruce Buck from the club’s chairman.  

Recently, I have forfeited the duty to set the buy – sell policy of Nata from Jay Marina. Then pass it on to Bohly , who asked to be the acting director of the sport for another position in addition to the club president’s burden.

“ Granovskaia is still working for Bohly and the club during the current buy – sell market. To define the scope of the team’s needs and support the delivery of work ” a statement by the official website  

Bohly also thanked the tough young executives who have worked hard for Chelsea over the past few years.  

“ We would like to thank Marina for the wonderful years of service at the club. I wish you all the best in your future path. ” Acting Director of American Sports  

Je Marina, 47 , of Russian / Canadian nationality, has been appointed to Chelsea since the summer of 2013 , having been in charge of the Blues for more than 10 years , however the investment went wrong lately, particularly at Romelu Lou. Kaku brought the skepticism of his skill.